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Discogenic back pain refers to lower back pain that originates from a damaged vertebral disc. This condition is typically due to degenerative disc disease, which occurs naturally as the body ages. The vertebral disc cushions in between two spine vertebrae. Disruption of its normal anatomy may cause pain. Discomfort will be felt in the lower back and occasionally in the legs.

It is important to promptly diagnose discogenic back pain to avoid unnecessary procedures and delay of treatment. Epidural injections may be tried; if not effective, then your doctor may recommend a diagnostic procedure that consists of placing a needle inside the disc and directly assessing the status of the disc under fluoroscopy. Other therapies may include IDET and nucleoplasty. Both procedures are performed by a pain specialist and at times surgery may be avoided. A needle is placed in the disc and small pieces are taken out or the disc is subjected to heat. Your doctor will determine if you may be helped by these procedures. Ultimately, surgery may be the only option.

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