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Article from New York Magazine

June 1, 2015

On the Sunday before last Halloween, Cathy Purnell found her father, Gordie Howe, lying on his bedroom floor in Lubbock, Texas. His eyes were closed and the right side of his mouth hung slack. When she tried to rouse him, he didn’t respond. Howe, who was 86, had suffered a stroke. He was paralyzed on his right side, could barely talk, and, once he’d returned from the hospital, needed someone to lift him from his bed to a wheelchair and back. He couldn’t remember the names of his four children — Marty, Mark, Cathy, and Murray — and over the next several weeks, his condition only grew worse. One day, Mark found him crying alone in bed. When Mark took him to get an epidural to relieve his back pain, the doctor took one look at Gordie and asked Mark if it might be better to just let his father go. On the rare occasion when Gordie managed to speak, he would sometimes tell his children that he had one last request: “Just take me out back and shoot me.”

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