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At South Lake Pain Institute, we’re proud to offer adult stem cell therapy as a treatment option for patients. Less invasive than traditional surgery and with much less down time, we’ve had many patients who have experienced pain relief and healing with the assistance of their own cells. Last week, mackie shilstone wrote about the growing practice in the times-picayune/

According to research noted in the journal of bone and joint surgery (, “more than one million knee arthroscopy procedures are performed annually in the u.s., of which, the majority are for the surgical repair or partial excision of meniscal tears.”

This same journal noted that, “unfortunately, the failure rate of approximately 20 to 24 % has not substantially changed even with the advent of all-inside surgical techniques.” says, “the meniscus is a half moon shaped piece of cartilage that lies between the weight bearing joint surfaces of the femur and the tibia. It is triangular in cross section and is attached to the lining of the knee joint along its periphery. There are two menisci in a normal knee; the outside one is called the lateral meniscus, the inner one the medial meniscus.”

A research paper on – adult human mesenchymal stem cells delivered via intra-articular injection to the knee following partial medial meniscectomy (removal of meniscus) – concluded that,“the results of this study suggest that mesenchymal stem cells have the potential to improve the overall condition of the knee joint.”

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